Rubber Bracelets (ZBR) Stopper Beads included BZB-265 7” BZB-266 7.5” BZB-267 8” Toggle Bracelet Stopper Beads included BZB-182 7.5” BZB-183 8” (ZBS) Polished Flex Bangle BZB-202 (ZBT) This innovative bracelet contains 2 silicone-filled “Smart Beads” that will position your beads securely. Smart Bracelets & Anklets w/Clear C.Z. BZB-212 (ZBT) w/Pink C.Z. BZB-222 (ZBT) Gold Plated Toggle Bracelet Stopper Beads included BZB-242 7.5” BZB-243 8” (ZBS) BZB-160 6.5” BZB-161 7” BZB-162 7.5” BZB-163 8” BZB-164 8.5” (ZBS) BZB-165 9” BZB-177 9.5” BZB-166 10” BZB-178 10.5” BZB-167 11” (ZBS2) Bracelets 7 All Zable® Beads are .925 Sterling Silver, some items are Gold Plated. Many designs are Copyrighted. BZB-291 7” BZB-292 7.5” BZB-293 8” (ZBS) Gold Plated Replacement Smart Beads, etc. BZB-169 For Smart Bracelets BZB-239 For Gold-Plated Smart Bracelets BZB-209 For Flex Bangles BZB-205 (ZA - Pair) Plain End Beads For Flex Bangles All Zable Bracelets & Anklets come complete with Stopper Beads. Smart Beads included Smart Beads included with Smart Beads and interchangeable endcaps