Colored Stones & Crystals 15 All Zable® Beads are .925 Sterling Silver, some items are Gold Plated. Many designs are Copyrighted. BZ-1156 White/Purple Wave (ZL) BZ-1150 Purple/White Wave (ZL) BZ-1158 Purple/White Stripes (ZL) BZ-1163 LtPink/White Stripes (ZL) BZ-1167 DkPink/White Stripes (ZL) BZ-1160 White/Black Wave (ZL) BZ-1164 Pink/White Wave (ZL) BZ-1153 Turquoise/White Wave (ZL) BZ-1161 Chocolate/Coffee Stripes (ZL) BZ-1224 Red Wave (ZK) BZ-1206 Violet Wave (ZK) BZ-1201 Pink Stripe (ZK) BZ-1203 Pink Wave (ZK) BZ-1202 Blue Stripe (ZK) BZ-1207 Black Wave (ZK) BZ-1200 Green Stripe (ZK) BZ-1204 Green Wave (ZK) BZ-1208 Caramel Wave (ZK) BZ-1219 Purple Stripe (ZK) BZ-1209 Aqua Wave (ZK) BZ-1205 Blue Wave (ZK) BZ-1216 Champagne (ZK) BZ-1217 Black Diamond (ZK) BZ-1226 Pink/Peridot (ZK) BZ-1225 Aqua/Peridot (ZK) BZ-1227 Pale Gold (ZK) BZ-1231 Champagne & A/B (ZK) BZ-1232 Hematite & White (ZK) BZ-1273 Lilac (ZK) BZ-1274 Dark Pink (ZK) BZ-1275 Purple (ZK) BZ-1276 Seafoam (ZK) BZ-1277 Lemonade (ZK) BZ-1278 Chocolate (ZK) BZ-1250 Golden Iridescent Special Effect (ZK) BZ-1279 Teal (ZK) BZ-1280 Light Pink (ZK) BZ-1174 Shades of Pink Spiral (ZH) BZ-1175 Clear Crystals Spiral (ZH) BZ-1173 Shades of Blue Spiral (ZH) BZ-1177 Shades of Chocolate Spiral (ZH) BZ-1178 Shades of Gray Spiral (ZH) BZ-1272 Aurora Borealis Iridescent (ZK) BZ-1284 Clear Crystal Ball (ZK) BZ-1176 Shades of Purple Spiral (ZH)