LC-279 CZ Flower Charm Holder (ZH) Charm Ring (ZH) LC-256 Size 6 LC-257 Size 7 LC-258 Size 8 LC-259 Size 9 LC-277 Polished Charm Holder (use with leather or silk cord) (ZH) LC-278 CZ Circle Charm Holder (ZH) Charm Bracelets and Accessories Polished Link Bracelet (ZM) LC-542, 7.5” LC-543, 8” Oval Knife-Edge Link Bracelet (ZM) LC-572, 7.5” LC-573, 8” Diamond-Cut Link Bracelet (ZD) LC-532, 7.5” LC-533, 8” Round Link Bracelet (ZM) LC-502, 7.5” LC-503, 8” Round Knife-Edge Link Bracelet (ZM) LC-512, 7.5” LC-513, 8” Double Link Bracelet (ZD) LC-552, 7.5” LC-553, 8” Double Link Bracelet (ZM) LC-562, 7.5” LC-563, 8” Corrugated Link Bracelet (ZD) LC-522, 7.5” LC-523, 8” 50 All Zable® Charms are RHODIUM PLATED .925 Sterling Silver. Some items are Gold Plated.