Locking Beads Charm Carriers BZ-010 Silicon Stopper (ZB) BZ-3001 Gold-Plated Gear Stopper (ZB) BZ-3002 Gold-Plated Beaded Stopper (ZB) BZ-3028 Gold-Plated Polished Stopper (ZB) BZB-189 Safety Chain w/2 Stoppers (ZD) Entertainment BZ-2081 “I Love Tunes” (ZE) BZ-202 Music Note (ZD) BZ-2138 Filmstrip (ZE) BZ-1942 iPod (ZD) BZ-2025 Ruby Slipper (ZG) BZ-2030 Sequined Glove (ZE) BZ-473 14K Dangle Music Note (ZL) BZ-2071 Sheet Music (ZE) BZ-2121 Wolf Howling at Moon (ZE) BZ-1406 Piano (ZD) BZ-2079 Television (ZE) BZ-1434 Guitar (ZD) BZ-2109 Dharma Logo (ZF) BZ-2137 Theater Ticket (ZD) BZ-1760 Saxophone (ZD) BZ-2002 Movie Buff (ZG) 43 All Zable® Beads are .925 Sterling Silver, some items are Gold Plated. Many designs are Copyrighted. Use these Carrier Beads to attach your choice of Clip On Charms. See pages 50 through 63 for our Charm Collection. BZ-2155 Fluted (ZE) BZ-2182 Filigree (ZE) BZ-2190 Fluted (ZE) BZ-2153 Beaded (ZE)