To Create Your One-of-a-Kind Bracelet Step 1: Select the bracelet or necklace and the beads and charms of your choice Step 2: Remove one Smart Bead, and simply slide your beads and charms onto the bracelet in the desired order. Step 3: Replace the Smart Bead to hold your beads in place. You can add new items to your bracelet at any time by repeating the steps above. Change beads and charms to match an outfit, your mood, or for a special occasion. F.A.Q.’s 1. How do I determine the proper bracelet size? The best way to determine the proper fit is to measure your wrist and add about one inch. By adding one inch the bracelet will be comfortable when beads are added. As you add additional beads to your bracelet you may find it necessary to use a bracelet extender to adjust the size to a more comfortable fit. 2. Are ZABLE® beads compatible with other bracelets? Yes! ZABLE® beads are guaranteed to be compatible with all other popular brands of bead bracelets. 3. Do I need Locker beads? ZABLE® Smart Bracelets include moveable “Smart Beads” that are silicone filled. Your beads will be kept securely in place without the need for troublesome locker beads. 4. What are ZABLE® beads made of? All ZABLE® beads are Sterling Silver and are stamped .925. Some beads have gold plating, Cubic Zirconia, or crystals. Our best selling beads are made of Murano glass direct from Venice, Italy. 5. How do I clean ZABLE® beads? Silver beads may need to be cleaned occasionally. Simply use a polishing cloth or mild soap to get your ZABLE® beads looking like new. Do not use a silver polish or harsh chemicals, as this could cause the oxidation to be removed. 6. Are custom ZABLE® beads available? Absolutely! We can have one of our bead artists custom design ZABLE® beads to meet your needs. Minimum quantity required. Call our Customer Service department for details. 7. Is there a warranty on ZABLE® beads? ZABLE® beads are warranted for three years after purchase. Any ZABLE® beads that have not performed well under normal wear will be repaired or replaced at our option. 8. Can ZABLE® Charms be used on ZABLE® Bead bracelets? All ZABLE® charms come with the exclusive Omni-LokTM clasp, which can easily be used with your ZABLE® bead bracelet. 48