4 BZB-301 2 x 25 mm BZB-302* 2 x 30 mm BZB-200* Accessory Clip Includes Stopper Bead (ZK) Attach to: Zipper pull, Knapsack, Key Chain, Wristlet, etc. BZB-304* (ZF) BZB-313 2 x 40 mm BZB-312* 2 x 30 mm BZB-311 2 x 25 mm BZB-303 2 x 40 mm BZB-307* Twist Hoop Earrings (ZL) Use with any ZABLE® Bead or wear by itself Custom-designed ZABLE® Jewelry Box, a perfect way to keep your ZABLE® Collection organized and tarnish-free. NEW! Jewelry Box* Style may vary. BZB-344 Twist Hoop White Crystal Earrings See page 8 for complete selection of Twist Hoops with beads.