LC-168 Baby Carriage (ZM) Wheels Turn LC-271 Baby Bottle (ZM) 51 LC-212 Heart Key (ZA) LC-210 Linked Hearts (ZG) LC-209 Love Letter (ZL) LC-208 “Be Mine” Lollipops (ZK) LC-219 Engagement Ring with Crystal (ZD) LC-238 Pink Heart with Crystals (ZD) LC-268 “Sexy” Kiss (ZH) LC-382 Lock & Key (ZK) LC-269 “Love” Heart (ZK) LC-215 Antiqued Photo Frame (ZH) LC-216 Oval Photo Frame with CZ (ZL) LC-217 Pink Heart Photo Frame (ZK) LC-223 Pearl Drop (ZA) LC-220 Pearl Ring (ZD) LC-362 Enamel/Crystal Heart (ZL) LC-350 Enamel/Crystal Heart Lock (ZL) LC-375 Pink CZ Drop (ZD LC-325 A Mother’s Love (ZK) LC-333 Enamel Photo Frame (ZM) LC-374 Champagne CZ Drop (ZD) LC-373 Garnet CZ Drop (ZD) LC-372 Amethyst CZ Drop (ZD) LC-225 White CZ Drop (ZD) LC-378 Mom Heart Locket w/ Pink Rose (ZK) NEW ITEM! NEW ITEM!