All Zable® Charms are RHODIUM PLATED .925 Sterling Silver. Some items are Gold Plated. 55 LC-186 Calculator (ZK) LC-187 Laptop (ZN) Hinged LC-189 Cell Phone (ZM) Hinged LC-188 Pencil Case (ZL) Hinged LC-286 Graduation Cap (ZM) LC-281 Diploma (ZN) LC-341 Notebook (ZL) LC-349 iPod (ZK) LC-293 Smartphone (ZN) LC-138 Ballet Slippers (ZM) LC-175 Music Notes (ZD) LC-176 Guitar (ZG) LC-178 Violin & Bow (ZL) LC-352 Guitar (ZK) LC-179 Drum Kit (ZM) LC-177 Saxophone (ZH) LC-180 Boombox (ZH) LC-181 Camera with Crystals (ZP) LC-283 Computer Monitor (ZH) LC-182 Movie Camera with CZ (ZL) LC-287 Popcorn (ZN) LC-324 Music Staff (ZG) LC-328 Ballerina (ZH)